Spooky and LGBTQA+ Stickers (Multiple Variations)


Shipping to United States: $1.00

Now offering standard sticker style and bumper sticker style

Standard Sticker: Made with Inkjet Printable Sticker Vinyl. Can hold up on most surfaces fine. There is potential fading over time if used on high touch areas wherever a hand may wipe against often. Not recommended for outdoor surfaces such as cars.

Bumper Sticker: Made with 6mil "permenant" PVC vinyl (a.k.a. Thick and Heavy Duty) that can withstand the outdoor elements. It has a gray adhesive backing. This can still be used on all the same surfaces as the Standard stickers but will also work for cars, water bottles, and high touch areas where a hand may wipe against it often.

Great stickers for all spooky gays out there! Lots of options to choose from.

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