Betelbug Demon Carni Sign Sticker


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"Heehoo! Havin' trouble with the livin'? You tired of havin' your home space violated? Wanna get rid of them pesky livin critters once and for all? Well come on down and see me folks, I'm the afterlife's leading bio-exorcist."

Car salesman/Carni style flashing sign from the movie. Sticker was made by taking a photo of a life size replicated sign I made and edited a little to look like it's flashing on. Printed and cut at home. Should work fine on laptops, computer cases, binders, books, journals, bottles (gently hand wash).

Now offering Standard sticker style and Bumper sticker style

Standard Sticker: Made with Inkjet Printable Sticker Vinyl. Can hold up on most surfaces fine. There is potential fading over time if used on high touch areas wherever a hand may wipe against often. Not recommended for outdoor surfaces such as cars.

Bumper Sticker: Made with 6mil "permanent" PVC vinyl (a.k.a. Thick and Heavy Duty) that can withstand the outdoor elements. It has a gray adhesive backing. This can still be used on all the same surfaces as the Standard stickers but will also work for cars, water bottles, and high touch areas where a hand may wipe against it often.

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