Steven Universe - Pink Collection


Newly designed Steven Universe Pins. The designs themselves are the same but they were made differently from the first batch. Below are the new specs:

- Hard Enamel
- Rose Gold
- Screen Printed Shading
- Red Rhinestone in Shield
- Sword is bigger than the original, almost twice the size
- raised Paw Logo in the back

I gave the new company the same specs from the previous company but somehow the sword came out bigger. It's very nice though, you can see the details much better now.

There are plans to make more Steven Universe designs in the future as well as different sets. <3

Love the Pink collection. I feel like there is not a lot of Pink/Rose fan merch so I’m glad to have found this. I especially like the little gem detail on the shield.

They are beautiful💜 and well made so worth the price .

High quality and beautiful pin with extremely fast shipping

i love steven universe i needed this thank uuuu

Yes yes yes yes yes

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